"I would personally like to recommend Emily Orosco as your realtor. Emily has assisted my family with three properties in the last two years and has done a wonderful, professional job.

I was very pleased to have Emily's expertise on selling our home of fifteen years in May of 2007. She sold my home in three day! This was a wonderful experience and I was so pleased how she walked me through the process and took the stress right out of it.

In August of 2007 my mother moved from her home of many years into independent living. Needless to say this was an emotional time. I lived in the home for a while then when we put in on the market...of course, we called Emily. She sold the home in ninety days. Again we were very pleased with her services.

When I left my mom's house, Emily assisted me in finding a home in Edmond. She led me to the cutest home...totally me...and I love it!

"I whole heartedly recommend Emily as your realtor. She is not only professional but personal, fun loving, caring and will have your most treasured needs in mind at all times. Best of luck in your search for your new home!!!""

- Leann Overstake


""Please accept this letter as a recommendation for Emily Orosco. Emily has worked as both a
buyer¡¦s agent and seller¡¦s agent concerning two different houses for me in the last couple of
years. She is extremely knowledgeable and was very helpful during both processes. Emily
makes herself completely available for questions and assistance throughout, and you never feel
like you¡¦re on your own in the course of buying or selling your home, which can be such a
stressful experience. With Emily, she removes the stress on your behalf.
I would highly recommend her in any real estate process. I have confidence that she can
service any client, small or large. Her profound expertise in the real estate market is an
invaluable asset, and her patience and demeanor make the experience easy for the client.""

- Gina Burchfiel


""I would like to share with you my extremely postive experience of working with Emily Orosco of RE/MAX Associates Realtors. My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Emily over the past few months as we are buying our first house. We have found Emily to be very hard working, dedicated, and personable. I was particularly impressed by her ability and willingness to completely work around our schedule. She was always ready to go and show us homes whenever we wanted (and we looked at a lot of houses). Furthermore, Emily was always available via phone, e-mail, or text at all hours of the day. If we had a question about something at 10:30 at night ¡V she was there to answer it! When looking at potential properties, Emily offered us some incredibly valuable insight without overstepping her boundaries. However,the best part of working with Emily is that she always shows up with a smile and an upbeat, positive attitude. This is a tremendous asset when working in a potentially high stress and emotional situation. Once we found the home that we wanted, Emily has worked hard for us every step of the way. During the contract negotiations, we felt that she had our true interests in mind while offering a reasonable consideration of the seller¡¦s point of view. The inspection process has gone seamlessly due in part to Emily¡¦s ability to promptly address any issues that have come up. She also has a wonderful network of professionals to recommend in the event that something does need to be fixed. In fact,we have found this whole process to be relatively stress-free because Emily has done nearly all of the work for us! In closing, I would like to give Emily Orosco my highest recommendation as a realtor. As we are closing on our home next week, we feel that Emily has gone above and beyond everything that we have expected a realtor to do. Emily is an intelligent and trustworthy realtor and she we work incredibly hard for you. If you have any further questions about our experience with Emily.""

- Meredith Williams


"The service and personal attention we received from Emily Orosco was exceptional and unexpected from a Realtor! She is truly a high-calibre realtor. Her knowledge of the local market and understanding of potential downsides were so valuable for our decision making. She was willing to look at any property I ¡§really¡¨ liked and was available pretty much at any hour. She worked around our schedule, even with 2 children in the car, and was never put off. She was patient and especially made me feel secure knowing she was on our side. She walked us through the lending process and had key contacts whom helped us get a great rate. She was quick to answer my hundreds of questions, and even answered my emails at midnightƒº After patiently going through hundreds of listings, she quickly began to see what my husband and I leaned toward and narrowed our search to these specific properties. Even when we planned to purchase a property she did a market analysis for me to ensure that I felt I was making the right choice. I am so thankful that we did decide it was not the best property for us and are now in our dream home. Emily has just the right mix of professionalism and friendliness. I feel we started the process with a realtor and ended with a REAL friend. After the inspections she was able to provide us with a contact to help us with the home improvements we needed, and we continue to use him. She also helped me find lawn care while I went away on a trip and retrieved my mail. I must add that after moving into our new dream home, she added personal touches that only she would know because she listened so closely to what we love. She even bought my daughter a toy dog to match the one she loved when we looked at our home, now that¡¦s going above and beyond. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, I would highly recommend Emily Orosco to help you in this life changing move. We could not have asked for a better Realtor to guide us through the process.